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Breaking Global Warming Taboos
'I Feel Duped on Climate Change',1518,813814,00.html

Texas’s troubled border region

¿De qué te ríes, Josefina?

Hundreds Killed in Syria as Arab League Monitors Plan Return

Economist: Yuan not sole reason for economic success

How America made its children crazy
By Spengler

Syria and those 'disgusting' BRICS
By Pepe Escobar

Racism: a very British institution
Feature by Talat Ahmed, February 2012
The conviction of Gary Dobson and David Norris for the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence was a moment to celebrate for all anti-racists. But, argues Talat Ahmed, institutional racism still lurks at the heart of the British state

Revolution, sanctions and US imperialism
Interview by Tariq Ali, February 2012
Sarah Ensor and Mark L Thomas spoke to Tariq Ali who gives his take on the revolutions and rebellions in Tunisia, Egypt and Syria, the threat of war with Iran and US imperialism after Iraq

Europe's zombie banks
Frontline article by Estelle Cooch, February 2012
The brainchild of Mario Draghi, president of the ECB, the scheme ended up doling out 489 billion euros to over 500 banks. The so called "auction" was billed as a way of averting the entire collapse of the European banking system.

The myth of crony capitalism
In Perspective column by Jack Farmer, February 2012
Those who suggest that we are witnessing a crisis of "crony capitalism", rather than capitalism itself, are wrong, argues Jack Farmer

Steve Jobs deshonesto y consumidor de droga: FBI
Tecnología • 9 Febrero 2012 - 12:05pm — Ricardo Dávila / @RicksDavila
Con declaraciones de conocidos el FBI divulgó un reporte en el que calificaron a Jobs de deshonesto por modificar la realidad para conseguir sus metas así como revelaciones sobre su consumo de marihuana y LSD.

China 'bans' airlines from joining EU carbon scheme

Mount Etna eruption led to temporary flight cancellations

... tomorrow: "U can feel it in... the air"

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